Nicomachean Exhortations

This is a rendition of the classic “Nicomachean Ethics” for modern readers. Simple, bite-size pieces with practices to integrate the wisdom into your life. Imagine if Aristotle wrote in the style of Pema Chodron. Coming at you ~1/ 2 weeks.


Aristotle influenced everything in the western world. He was a smart guy, and it would be wise to know what he said.

But- Why?

The post-modern world we lived in is very confused about excellence and comes dangerously close to denying it’s existence. This is an attempt to retrieve the wisdom that has positively impacted the world by positively impacting you in a concrete way. It is a rebellion against nihilistic pop-Western-Buddhism as well as responsibility-denying-activism. Nicomachean Exhortations is here to support you in cultivating your best self in a reflective and intentional manner.


Daniel Tabakman, Richard D. Bartlett, Anne-Lorraine Selke, David McFadzean, Shnayor Burton

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How to flourish- from the greatest philosopher of all time


Roots in Torah, Wings everywhere else